UAE scientists create COVID-19 antibody test for animals

SourceAl Arabiya

A team of scientists in the United Arab Emirates have created a COVID-19 antibody test for animalswhich can check dozens of different species to see if they have been exposed to the deadly virus.

The antibody test is now being used on hundreds of blood samples collated from different breeds of animals to see which species have contracted COVID-19 – and which ones later developed antibodies to the virus, Dr Ulrich Wernery, a veterinary microbiologist in Dubai and head of the emirate’s Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, told Al Arabiya English.

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Dr Wernery said the study is part of his ongoing research to find more answers to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, how it spreads across both human and animal kingdoms, and hopefully provide vital answers into how to tackle the global pandemic and treat infected patients.

He said little information exists on which animals are hosts for the virus.

COVID-19 have been found among more...