UAE’s health ministry withdraws pharmaceutical products due to non-compliance

SourceSaudi Gazette

DUBAI — The health ministry in the United Arab Emirates has issued a decision withdrawing a number of pharmaceutical products manufactured by Julphar, the Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries PSC, after being found non-compliant with the approved specifications. The ministry's move comes after samples of the suspected medicines were tested at the Quality Control Laboratory in Dubai especially as the manufacturer itself voluntarily recalled these drugs. The ministryinstructed all pharmacies to stop dispensing these products and return them to the supplier, urging all health care practitioners and community members to refrain from using such products if they already in their possession. The ministry listed the medicines voluntarily recalled as forte table, Julmentin 375mg tablet Julmentin which is used for treating bacterial infections and lungs, ears and sinuses infections, in addition to Mucolyte syrup, which is prescribed for mucous secretions, Butalin 2 and 4 mg tablet for bronchospasm, asthma and pulmonary embolism, and Lipigard 10mg tablet prescribed for treating cholesterol as well as Scopinal syrup, which is used for colon disorders, Supraproct-S supp which is prescribed for haemorrhoids more...