Flu shot crucial for kids this Covid-19 year: UAE doctors

SourceKhaleej Times
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

Every child in the country above the age of six should get vaccinated for influenza, doctors in the UAE have reiterated. This comes on the back of a new study by Dubai Health Authority (DHA), which stated that half of influenza patients in Dubai were younger than 10 years old. Dr Jamuna Raghuraman, peadiatrician at Medeor Hospital, said: "We have a very safe and successful vaccination programme in the nation. It is very helpful and protects children from flu. Unlike in the past years, we are fighting a pandemic now. Flu vaccination is crucial against this backdrop. Vaccination is the best way to protect children from influenza." In private health centres, clinics and hospitals, the cost of the vaccine varies. It ...read more...