For UAE’s Covid warriors, serving patients comes above personal safety

  • Date: 09-Aug-2022
  • Source: Khaleej Times
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Country: UAE
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For UAE’s Covid warriors, serving patients comes above personal safety

'I saw death in front of my eyes,' says one doctor

Dr Srinivasan Ravindranath

By SM Ayaz Zakir Published: Tue 9 Aug 2022, 8:11 PM Last updated: Tue 9 Aug 2022, 8:12 PM

When the world was hit by the pandemic, it induced a sense of fear in people around the world. Countries and cities worldwide went under lockdown, and hospital employees worked round the clock to ensure the safety of residents. Many Covid-19 warriors were severely affected by the disease but kept their spirits high in fighting the virus - even when infected.

“I saw death in front of my eyes,” said Dr Srinivasan Ravindranath, a specialist cardiologist at Aster Clinic, Al Muteena. He contracted Covid during the second wave of infection in the UAE, which he suspects to have contracted from a patient. Dr Ravindranath fell severely ill and was hospitalized for over a month. Even after his recovery, he was plagued with post-Covid complications for a year.

After getting jabbed with the first dose of the vaccine, the doctor was down with fever and experienced chills accompanied by severe fatigue and body ache.

“My health was deteriorating, and I was extremely tired. That is when I tested for Covid-19, and the result came