UAE to soon get world’s first AI-driven portable 3D breast ultrasound scanner

  • Date: 01-Feb-2023
  • Source: Zawya
  • Sector:Healthcare
  • Country:UAE
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UAE to soon get world’s first AI-driven portable 3D breast ultrasound scanner

A new convenient, portable machine that can be used for whole-breast ultrasounds and would aid breast cancer diagnosis is showcased at the ongoing Arab Health 2023 in Dubai.

Though mammograms are considered the 'standard' for breast cancer diagnosis, this soon-to-be-launched device is looking to transform breast care using automated imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) that can yield results much faster.

Ultrasounds are believed to provide a more accurate image of the breast tissue in younger women and persons with denser tissue. Additionally, the device promises to offer a cost-effective, radiation-free substitute to mammography.

San Francisco-based iSono Health has partnered with Middle East based Abdul Latif Jameel Health to become the exclusive distributor of iSono Health’s ATUSA scanner in the Global South, making it available to hundreds of millions of women in an initial 31 countries covering the Middle East and North Africa, Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Maryam Ziaei, Founder and CEO, iSono Health, said, “We have been able to develop a scanner which takes two minutes to scan and makes breast imaging painless and convenient. This new partnership is a significant milestone in our history and an important step forward in making our ATUSA scanner accessible to millions

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