Bahrain to get its first Date Factory on way | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

  • Date: 29-Oct-2022
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  • Sector:Industrial
  • Country:Bahrain
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Bahrain to get its first Date Factory on way | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

TDT | Manama

The Daily Tribune –

The wait is finally over. Bahrain, once known as the “land of million palm trees”, is set to give its datepalm sector a new boost amid the global race towards food security.

This includes constructing Bahrain’s first Date Factory for which the Ministry of Works has launched a new tender after a similar move in 2021.

The move gains importance as countries expand their domestic food production to achieve food independence.

However, experts point out that a critical part of the solution lies in growing more climate-resilient crops including dates.

The 2021 ten - der was for building a BD300,000 (USD 797,872) date factory in Hawrat A’ali that could process 5,000 tonnes of dates annually, eventually increasing to 15,000 tonnes, when fully operational.

The new tender also plans the project in Howrat A’ali.

According to the tender description, the upcoming factory will have a main factory building, areas of unloading, storage, dates packaging, laboratory, offices and supporting facilities.

The tender is offering a 12-month contract for the project.

The project comes as Bahrain bids to join the Saudi Arabia-based International Dates Council to help develop more sustainable farming techniques and increase productivity.

The council currently has 12 members.

The new dates factory project is