New Saudi Publishing House launched to support the industry

SourceSaudi Gazette
CountrySaudi Arabia

Saudi Gazette report JEDDAH — The Saudi Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission launched on Wednesday the Saudi Publishing House, to support the publishing industry in the Kingdom and contribute to its development. The publishing house, owned by the commission, will enjoy legal and financial independence, and it will have its own governance system. The house aims to enrich the cultural scene with qualitative works of sustainable impact, and support publishers, cultural bodies and relevant authorities in the publishing sector, in addition to marketing and distributing Saudi books locally and internationally.

The Saudi Publishing House seeks to contribute to achieving the goals of the national strategy for culture, in response to the requirements of the cultural renaissance in the Kingdom in general, and the needs of the publishing sector in the Kingdom in particular. The Saudi Publishing House also aims to activate the local publishing movement, improve its outputs in terms of quality of content and output, serve all other more...