6 New Trends Shaping the Future of Travel Industry in 2021

SourceAl Bawaba

While health restrictions have considerably limited travel in 2020, severely affecting the industry, tourism and travel is at a crossroads. The Covid situation has not reduced audiences' desire for travel, quite the opposite. It has even allowed for consumer habits to shift and for new travel and tourism trends to emerge. The report, which has been developed by Euronews and in collaboration with travel trend forecasting agency Globetrender, has taken a deep dive in to what travel and tourism will look from next year, and has named the six main emerging trends within travel and tourism post 2020 to be, Wilderness tourism, Ecotourism, Nomadic tourism, Wellness tourism, Authentic tourism and Mindful tourism. With co-working camps named a key trend in Mindful tourism, Dubai is a city that has already harnessed the trend, with the launch of its latest initiative that offers digital nomads and people working from home for the foreseeable the opportunity to work in Dubai with its new one-year remote working visa. The ‘long stay travel’ phenomenon will indeed be a key way for countries to sustain tourism post 2020. Dedicated to researching, reporting and sharing the latest in travel and tourism around the world for the past 25 years, Euronews has ...read more...