Market Intelligence Solutions

News carries a wealth of information. It informs you about the latest in your industry, updates you on your clients’ latest initiatives and keeps track of your competitors. And much more…

But how many articles can you go through every day? and from those, how many are really relevant to your business?

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    Professionals operate in complex ecosystems that includes their clients, their suppliers, their competitors, partners and regulators. Unable to cope with the overwhelming amount of information published every day, they often miss out on events that may give them that competitive advantage they need.

    With the help of WriteCaliber, it doesn’t have to be that way.

    WriteCaliber is a market intelligence platform that first learns about your business and creates a personalized news channel that delivers noise-free information relevant and specific to YOU.

    With the use of Artificial Intelligence, we scan thousands of global news sources every day, apply specific filters to extract information by industry, sector, topic, name, geography or even by a certain event. Our (unmanned) public website is only an example of the quality of service we offer.

    No longer do you need to spend hours browsing news articles, looking for opportunities. No longer will you feel overwhelmed by the digital, informative world.

    With WriteCaliber, finding business opportunities and staying market intelligent has never been easier.

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