Egypt’s General Authority for Cultural Palaces celebrates Abu Simbel Temples’ Solar Alignment

SourceEgypt Today

FILE - Solar Alignment Phenomena CAIRO – 22 February 2021: The General Authority for Cultural Palaces celebrated the Solar Alignment phenomenon at Abu Simbel Temples on its official Facebook page, where it described the phenomenon as "one of the most famous astronomical phenomena that the ancient Egyptians embodied in Egyptian temples."     The General Authority for Cultural Palaces posted on its Facebook page a documentary film discussing the phenomenon.     According to the documentary, the sun becomes perpendicular on the Holy of Holies shrine of Abu Simbel Temples. This phenomenon also takes place in the temples of Karnak and Deir al-Bahri [Hatshepsut Temple in Luxor].     However, according to the documentary, the solar alignment of the Abu Simbel Temples attracted the most attention as it was accompanied by several interpretations and speculations.     Some say that the solar alignment phenomenon in Abu Simbel Temples occurs on the days of the birth and more...