UK oil, gas and chemicals: How can the sector ensure its workforce is ready for net zero?

SourceEnergy Voice
SectorOil & Gas

2050 sounds a long way away but in reality, it’s not.

As the future of hydrocarbons is being questioned in the energy economy, the UK oil, gas and chemicals industry must define its role in the energy transition. To respond to these challenges and create new opportunities, it must have a workforce with the right balance of core and transferable skills. Some roles will be disrupted, but new skills will also be needed.

In addition, positioning the sector as attractive for the younger generation has never been more important.

The supply chain will have a huge role to play in the sector’s effective engagement in energy transition. While many of the suppliers have been hardest hit by the successive periods of low oil prices, the industry looks to them for technical skills and innovative solutions to build the net-zero infrastructure. They’ll need investment to preserve the know-how to maintain and decommission ageing assets, as well as transition the sector to a more...