GAM approves draft of food cart project

SourceJordan Times

AMMAN — The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has approved a draft of the funding and licensing procedures for the food cart project introduced in 2020. The municipality’s legal committee approved in its meeting on Sunday the draft of the Social Services Fund system as well as the licensing instructions for the food carts which are set to commence operations soon within the boundaries of GAM. The municipality explained in a statement that the Social Services Fund system is a reactivation of the Workers Fund, which was previously in place but now will include food cart owners and workers.  The fund “deducts simple monthly contributions from the municipality’s workers’ salaries in exchange for a compensation amount at the end of service or upon injury”, GAM Spokesperson Nasser Rahamneh said in the statement. “We have defined the instructions further, especially those regarding the carts being under the health and professional protocols of the municipality,” Rahamneh added. Previously, the municipality announced that the carts will be reserved for the most vulnerable groups, including families of veterans, youth and women. Ghassan Kadi, a university student interested in the project, said he has been “patiently waiting ever since the ministry announced the food carts project” so he can make extra income more...