Dubai house prices stable for three months running – first time in five years

SourceArab News
SectorReal Estate

DUBAI: Dubai property prices have now been stable for three months on the trot – the first time that has happened in five years, notes Tellimer. “Visa and ownership rules have no doubt moved in the right direction and may be underpinning the stabilization in completed real estate prices in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi,” the research company said in a note to clients on Tuesday. A slew of positive indicators have emerged from the UAE real estate sector in recent days and not just in Dubai.

It comes as the country ramps up its own growth targets and introduces business reforms aimed at making it more attractive to investors and residents. “Ambitious as ever, the UAE economy ministry has released a target to double total GDP in the next decade. For the UAE to grow 7-8 percent every year on average would require all growth cylinders to fire: oil output and oil price, tourism, investment and construction, population, more...