Innovation to play vital role in construction sector, says expert

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This year innovation will play a vital role in building sector - from the use of BIM, which greatly increases accuracy in the design phase of a project, through to the use of hardware on site - in addition to collaboration and sustainability, said Alec, one of the UAE’s most diversified construction groups, while outlining the key trends expected to drive the industry during the year ahead.From a high-level approach, Alec believes that consolidating ideas and resources is a far more effective approach to R&D, not only helping to spread initial investment risk, but to ensure the input of as many industry specialists as possible. A great example of this being the collaboration between ALEC and Hilti, which yielded the region’s first autonomous drilling robot. Since its implementation, site teams have reported significant improvements in productivity thanks to the robot’s ability to follow digital plans, while alleviating site teams from the strenuous work of overhead drilling, allowing them more...