This Week In XR: Quest2, IPhone 12, Snap’s Local Lenses


At $299 Facebook's Quest 2 is poised to become the hit of the Christmas season. Some are predicting ... [+] sales over 5M. . Oculus Oculus Quest 2 launches to the world and Developers are seeing the effects. The new standalone VR HMD is powered by Qualcomm’s new X2 chipset which is powering every headworn XR device except for Magic Leap’s. The resolution has been substantially improved, and the price m Elite Strap for $50 though because the strap they give you is awful. This will be the hot toy of the holiday season if Oculus can keep up with the demand. Get it now, while you still can.  UKRAINE - 2020/10/13: In this photo illustration a screenshot of Apple's CEO Tim Cook from more...