AP launches new Mizwada brand to support Saudi female artisans

SourceSaudi Gazette
CountrySaudi Arabia

RIYADH — Alwaleed Philanthropies (AP), chaired by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, announced the launch of their new brand Mizwada with the aim of supporting Saudi female artisans.

Mizwada, a brand that labels itself as a “bridge that connects our past to our present”, is unique partnership between Alwaleed Philanthropies and Teeb, a multi-disciplinary Saudi design and production company that produces handcrafted exotic wooden artistry.

The products are deeply influenced by decades of unique Arab and Islamic Culture. Through its partnership with Teeb, artisans that make the handcraft products for Mizwada will benefit from the sale of each product.

As part of the launch of Mizwada, Alwaleed Philanthropies is also collaborating with PIK, a local app in Saudi Arabia that will allow the Mizwada brand products to be sold to consumers across the country.

Alwaleed Philanthropies is a pioneer in supporting artisans in Saudi Arabia and globally. One of AP’s main objectives is the preservation of Saudi Arabian heritage, arts and crafts.

Mizwada is...