Sweetheart Kitchen CEO leads its €15 million Series C round

CountryUnited Arab Emirates

Dubai-based cloud kitchen operator Sweetheart Kitchen, today announced the raise of €15 million ($17.7 million) in Series C funding, a round that is backed by “strategic investors” and led by the company’s own chief executive, Peter Schatzberg. The funds will be used to fuel the cloud kitchen’s growth and optimise its food delivery supply technology. “We invest most of our funding into supply chain technology, food design and hiring talent,” said Schatzberg. “This will continue into 2021, as we are just 15 months old and we are still perfecting our business model. Scaling units is certainly one important objective for us, but we are also investing in streamlining our processes and systems to achieve profitability. We look forward to even more milestones in this next stage of the company’s growth.” Having previously raised ...read more...