Ericsson R&D hub in Egypt ships first locally-developed AI software

SourceGulf Business

Researchers at Ericsson’s Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Hub in Egypt have developed cognitive software that is already been shipped to Ericsson customers worldwide. Service providers use AI to achieve better user experience, reduce complexity in network operations and organisational agility. Next-generation 5G wireless networks with distributed edge compute and access to real-time data in a mobile environment will drive next-generation networks. The combination of 5G with AI and ML technologies will be vital in taking advantage of these transformation opportunities. However, moving into the era of 5G and IoT presents great opportunities but also requires new capabilities, as well as more effective management of costs and complexity. According to Ericsson’s ‘Supercharging Customer Experience through AI and Automation’ report, 8 in 10 service providers expect an increase in cost and added complexity as more...