Privacy should be top priority of cybersecurity, say experts at a Saudi-led webinar

CountrySaudi Arabia

Speaking about cybersecurity and its role in digitizing the Saudi family, Al-Odayani noted that the aim was to guard programs, electronic apps, and to protect human and financial resources.“It also aims at combating cybercrimes or reducing their impact to the lowest possible level. Cybersecurity has become a weapon at the hands of both governments and individuals. It is one of the modern war techniques used by countries. Cybersecurity also helps in transferring big data securely,” he said.He gave an example of serious hacking attempts into a key Saudi website and revealed that the Ministry of Interior’s Absher website had been targeted more than 100 times. None of the attempts had been successful.“We would like to thank the Interior Ministry for bringing such powerful platforms and applications. Absher is one of more...