CV VC Expands Its Blockchain Venture in Dubai Through Its CV Labs Incubation Program

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  • Date: 13-Oct-2021
  • Source: The Fintech…
  • Sector: Technology
  • Country: UAE
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CV VC Expands Its Blockchain Venture in Dubai Through Its CV Labs Incubation Program

Selected start-ups from the UAE will be considered to join CV VCs global CV Labs incubation program and receive an investment of up to $125,000. The three-month incubation program is driven by a team of founders and exposes participants to astute entrepreneurial advisory which will be delivered by 100 blockchain mentors from industry pioneers, global media, professional services, and of course experts from Europe’s leading blockchain ecosystem – Crypto Valley . The prominent incubation program is networked with some of the most influential organisations ( IBM , Siemens , Coindesk ) and protocols (such as Cardano, Polkadot, and Dfinity) in the world, yet remains independent. CV VC cements its arrival in Dubai by partnering with Gulf Blockchain Week 2021 and the Future Blockchain Summit – which are intending to define the blockchain agenda for the entire region. CV Labs Dubai is located at DMCC Crypto Centre. DMCC, as the world’s No.1 Free Zone and Dubai’s centre of global commodities trading, is developing a framework for blockchain which will catapult Dubai onto a global scale. This progressive work is mirrored by that of Switzerland which continues to make huge regulatory strides with the inspirational DLT Act now in full force. Ralf

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