Expanding 5G will ‘drive digital-led economic growth’


Telecommunications leaders and experts from around the world recently gathered at the Samena Telecommunication Council Leaders’ Summit 2021 to review plans for putting today’s digital-led economy back on track. They stressed that Expanding 5G will drive digital-led economic growth across the region. In his speech, Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority Director General, said: “We have agreed in previous conferences that we are living in the ICT age and emphasised its significance in supporting and driving development in various spheres, including health and safety. This has been confirmed by the events of last year, and thanks to the significant progress in the ICT sector, today we can innovate, adapt and continue our lives with equal efficiency. Thanks to ICT, a school year was safely finished, and we continued our government work without interruption, and millions of people were able to fulfil their needs through digital commerce platforms." He added: “Since the ICT sector is the key driver of...read more...