HP at CES 2021: The Future of PC Innovation is Now


Dubai, UAE, January 12, 2021 —The PC has never been more essential, so at this year’s at CES 2021, HP Inc. is launching computing innovations essential to how and where people experience work and life. HP today unveiled new devices and solutions designed to power hybrid work environments and growing personal creative studios. With half of the global workforce still working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new use cases for the PCs are emerging for both consumers and employees remaining at home. Since COVID, there has been a seven hour increase per week in time spent on personal PCs.

In some cases, this has resulted in an increase in everyday creativity – with photography, writing stories or articles, and live streaming being the top three activities among consumers. But working and staying at home isn’t always simple, with only 30% of people having a space where they can shut the door. Yet 72% of knowledge workers want a hybrid remote-office model moving forward and 48% of Gen Z are considering an expansion of their freelance business in the future, requiring solutions with enhanced ...read more...