UAE leads region’s digital transformation – MEED


The GCC currently leads the rise in the region’s digital competitiveness, but lower infrastructure costs in North Africa provide a window of opportunity MEED's artificial intelligence report also includes:> Creating an artificial intelligence ecosystem> Construction gets a digital renovation> G42 shores up UAE's AI roadmap> Qatar forms artificial intelligence committeeSubscribe to MEEDOf all the sweeping changes that have been brought about over the past year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the most lasting will end up being the rapid acceleration in digitalisation that has taken place within the global economy.From the new opportunities and challenges that come from working-at-home arrangements to the huge boost that e-commerce and other digital platforms have received, the crisis has led to major shifts in the workforce. This has propelled the advent of automation forward and put artificial intelligence (AI) front and centre.AI is a particularly bright new frontier of value generation within the global economy. Machine-learning and heuristic softwares, and more...