Hatch & Boost launches agriTech startup World of Farming

  • Date: 15-Aug-2022
  • Source: Zawya
  • Sector: Technology
  • Country: UAE
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Hatch & Boost launches agriTech startup World of Farming

UAE - Hatch & Boost Ventures, an Abu Dhabi-based venture builder dedicated to ‘hatching’ startup ideas, has announced the launch of its first agritech startup in its portfolio, World of Farming (WoF).

As the world faces unprecedented food security challenges, exacerbated by the pressure of rising global temperatures and limited water supply, World of Farming (WoF) is introducing a first-of-its-kind hydroponic fodder (livestock feed) farming methodology for the meat and dairy industry to the Middle East market, which aims to address these challenges and enhance the sector sustainability.

The UAE and other Gulf nations are known to have a harsh environment for farming due high temperatures, scarcity of arable land, and limited freshwater resources.

Vertical farming model

As a result, the UAE imports 80-90% of the food it consumes, including livestock feed. In line with the UAE’s National Food Strategy 2051, WoF’s vertical farming model will enable local farmers to produce fresh, and cost-effective, local alternatives to international imports of animal fodder independently, efficiently, and more sustainably.

The startup will be making this possible through its patent-pending proprietary methodology called, ‘The Cattleyst’. This full circular farming methodology sustainably produces livestock feed through a closed loop system that reduces methane emissions to the atmosphere.

This approach will