April Market Wrap: Solid Monthly Performance, But 6 Risks Remain In Play


The U.S. stock market doesn’t want to go down, and there’s not much—yet—that can stall the rally that erupted a year ago as investors saw an imminent economic recovery.

The had its best month of 2021 thus far this year in April and its best performance since December. The and indices enjoyed their best months since November.

The biggest reason stocks have continued to move higher, of course, is the Federal Reserve, whose policy makers do not see the central bank until at least late next year or early 2023.

Plus, first quarter earnings have been coming in with the most strength in technology and communications stocks and consumer stocks like home builders.

In addition, the Biden Administration is aggressively trying to boost spending and create jobs across the country.

Whether the President gets all he wants depends, of course, on Congress.

Still, risks lurk in the economic and investment background, including the general market euphoria, materials and semiconductor shortages...read more...