How Type 1 diabetics in the UAE make the most out of Ramadan

SourceGulf News

Abu Dhabi: For the majority of people, Ramadan is most closely associated with fasting. The holy month, however, presents a different, yet equally spiritual, experience for Type 1 diabetics. Advised not to fast for their own safety, they, nevertheless, make the most out of this special time of year, engaging in self-reflection, worship and charity.

“I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was 11 years old. I need to take insulin injections twice a day, and I also need to eat something every two to three hours to prevent my blood sugar levels from dropping. As with all Type 1 patients, my blood sugars fluctuate widely, so it has never been possible for me to fast,” Imran Rafi Khan, 31, a banker from Pakistan, told Gulf News. “That doesn’t mean, however, that I take anything less out of Ramadan. Because I cannot fast, I believe it is my responsibility to take care of the fasting needy. So more...