How private aviation could fill first class void in post-coronavirus world

SourceArabian Business
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

Efforts to minimise human interaction and reduce the risk of coronavirus infection are taking the shine off the most expensive seats on board commercial aircraft, providing an opportunity for the private aviation industry to fill the gap. Dimitry Korshunov, CEO of Delta World Charter, which has bases in Dubai and Moscow, told Arabian Business they were witnessing a gradual return of passenger activity to pre-Covid levels, boosted by the decision from some airlines to abolish first class travel options. VIDEO He said: “I saw many legacy airlines in the region have announced they’re pulling out first class inventory from their aircraft. That tells us they are really struggling to get first class passengers on board. “I’m very positive about this. For the distant future this (private aviation) will be an alternative for CEOs.” IAG, owner more...