This Deceptive Trap Could Cost You 9% Dividends

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Getty These days, you can be forgiven for thinking a wave of bankruptcies is going to hit your portfolio (and your dividends!). But there’s no need to worry: this so-called “wave” is way overhyped—in fact, it could send your portfolio higher. It’s just one more upside-down thing we investors have to deal with in this crisis. And get this: you could line yourself up for triple-digit returns (and 8%+ dividends!) if you tap into investors’ (overwrought) bankruptcy fears through a corporate-bond-focused closed-end fund (CEF). I’ll have a ticker (paying a monthly dividend yielding 9.2%) in a moment. First, let’s dispel one myth: that COVID-19 is behind all the bankruptcies we’re hearing about these days. Nonsense. Of course, in some cases, the pandemic is the problem (with New York more...