Azelio has appointed heads for all target markets

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Azelio has appointed heads for all target markets

Azelio has appointed Hans Svanbom as Regional Director United States. Hans, who joined Azelio in 2021, has a long background in IT and telecoms. With this appointment, Azelio has nominated Regional Directors for all of its target markets.

Azelio recently decided to initially focus its sales and marketing to four target markets, selected on the basis that the company there can offer customers particularly strong business cases. These markets are the United States, Australia, the MENA region (Middle East and Africa) and southern Africa.

“Local presence in combination with decentralized decision-making will accelerate the commercialization of our energy storage system. Azelio’s goal in all these markets is to first take orders for systems of 0.5-5 MW which can serve as a model for other customers, thereby paving the way for further sales,” says CEO Jonas Wallmander.

The other regional directors that have been appointed are Florian Naumann for Australia, Eren Engur for MENA, and Reinhardt Labuschagne for southern Africa.

An important task for the regional directors is to secure a local infrastructure that can prepare, install and maintain projects. For the US, Azelio has initiated a process to adapt the product to the American market.

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