How Shell Is Winning At The Sonic Branding Game


The Sound of Shell: The energy company's sonic branding is among the strongest in the world. LightRocket via Getty Images In a world where audio increasingly shapes the consumer brand experience, Shell is emerging as a maestro. How did an energy company that hasn’t always evoked warm fuzzy feelings come to stand with Apple AAPL , Coca-Cola, Mastercard MA and McDonalds MCD among the top audio brands across the globe? It’s a story of innovation, 18 months of elbow grease, and the belief at command central in the necessity of a unified sound that threads through every piece of messaging that has a music element. The Sound of Shell is a suite of flexible musical assets that today comprises nine variations—from guitar-driven rock to ambient—and more than 600 iterations ranging from a full orchestral rendition recorded at Abbey Road Studios to a recently rendered holiday medley.

It also includes a five-note mnemonic, which often complements its commercials. Listen to mnemonic variations here, a “power dynamic drive” version here, and a “Thai introspective journey” incarnation here. more...