11 Golden Pieces Of Happiness Advice People Learned In Therapy

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11 Golden Pieces Of Happiness Advice People Learned In Therapy

The road to happiness isn’t always easy, nor does it really have one final destination. Joy exists on a spectrum. And thanks to work, life and relationship problems ― not to mention, you know, an extremely distressing global pandemic ― it can be easy to fall on the lower end of the spectrum more frequently.

A lack of contentment is one of the most common overarching themes people bring up in therapy. Fortunately, mental health experts are filled with wisdom and are able to offer guidance on how to get there.

While it’s best to seek tailored advice from a therapist for yourself, it can be helpful to see just how therapy has helped people with this particular issue. We asked people to share the best advice on happiness they’ve received in therapy. See below for some mood-boosting inspiration.

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