Billionaire Ray Dalio and Adam Grant Just Created a Free Personality Assessment Tool to Improve Your Business–and Your Relationships

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Why Ray Dalio Thinks Getting to Know Yourself Better Is Key to Business Success
The billionaire businessman, along with Adam Grant, just launched a new free personality assessment tool to put that hunch to the test.
Ray Dalio
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I’ve probably taken at least a dozen personality assessments. Some told me what kind of animal I was. (In one I was a shark, another a turtle.

Not sure how that happened.) Another said I was conscientiously influential. Another said I was an ENTJ. (But after a couple decades of not leading people and only leading myself, I’ve definitely become an “I.”) 
Most were interesting. Some sparked a few moments of, “Hmm…”
Yet none were particularly practical, especially since the people I worked for tended to focus on ways I could benefit from changing aspects of my personality. Like becoming less conflict-averse. Or more of a (professional) risk taker. Or letting my emotions guide more of my decisions. To be, in retrospect, more...