Boris Johnson flies by jet to the G7 summit in Cornwall in order to tell world leaders about ‘tackling climate change’

SourceBusiness Insider
CountryMiddle east

Boris Johnson flew to the G7 Summit in Cornwall by jet on Wednesday, creating greenhouse gas emissions over five times greater than the equivalent train journey, according to the government’s own emission figures. Robert Jenrick, a government minister, confirmed to on Wednesday morning that the Prime Minister would be flying to Cornwall on Wednesday, a distance of nearly 400 kilometres from London to Newquay in south-west England. One of the policy priorities of the summit, whose presidency is held by the UK, is “tackling climate change and preserving the planet’s biodiversity.” The summit’s website adds: “We will protect the future of our planet by moving to net zero and providing financial support for developing countries to do the same.” But Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the 399 kilometre domestic trip by plane from Stansted airport to Newquay airport will produce 97.5kg of greenhouse gases per passenger.

The equivalent journey by train, a 482 kilometre journey from Paddington more...