G7 summit: This one needs to be different

SourceGulf Today
CountryMiddle east

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds walk with US President Joe Biden and Jill Biden. Reuters
Gordon Brown, The Independent
Biarritz, Quebec, Sicily, Shima, and Bavaria. Only the most obsessive followers of politics might recognise these locations as the five most recent places to host the annual G7 summit.

If they are remembered at all, G7 gatherings are usually notable only for the leaders’ photo calls — and not for any big decisions made.
But as the world’s richest countries prepare to gather again on Friday, one monumental decision can save Carbis Bay in Cornwall from being added to the list of long-forgotten G7 meetings. Leaders this weekend have a historic opportunity to stop Covid dead in its tracks, but they will only do so if they turn Boris Johnson’s promise to mass vaccinate the world into a concrete plan.
The challenge is daunting. While 60 per cent of UK adults — and 50 per cent of Americans — have...read more...