The True Challenge With Inflation Is That So Few Know What It Is

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Radio Garden is a website that can be accessed through Google GOOG , or in app form through the supercomputer in your pocket that is your smartphone. Radio Garden allows you to “explore live radio by rotating the globe.” In other words, if you’re interested in what they’re saying in Russia’s Moscow, you can listen to the broadcasters there very clearly from Moscow, ID, or anywhere else where you have a worthy internet connection. For those who are wondering, you can do all this for free. Contrast this with how things were 100 years ago. It was in the 1920s that radios became a thing.

They were very expensive, must-have gadgets. RCA (Radio Corporation of America) was the Apple AAPL , Amazon AMZN or Google of its day by virtue of it bringing to market what for its time was a technological marvel. So what happened in the last 100 years? How is it more...