TikTok Launches Bimonthly Video Newsletter

SourceAl Bawaba
CountryMiddle east

“In less than a year, we have had the privilege to work with the most creative brands in developing unique campaigns, which appeal to the interests, sentiments and nuances of the regional audience,” said Shant Oknayan, general manager of Global Business Solutions METAP.

“The Creative Digest is a celebration of the best works from across the Middle East, which have successfully tapped into an active audience and resonated with the regional TikTok community by bringing them together during key calendar moments,” said Oknayan.

The first Creative Digest from TikTok is a Ramadan showcase, looking at brands that have embraced the spirit of the holy month.

The top brands highlighted in the first edition are:

Fine: To mark the holy month of Ramadan, Fine partnered with TikTok to develop nine videos under a “Ramadan Wisdom” series. These TikTok videos were showcased in four markets and caught the attention of its Gen Z target audience by using old-school proverbs with a twist, thus merging the traditional...read more...