Top 5 Most Powerful Omani Businesswomen in 2020

SourceAl Bawaba

Celebrating the achievements of women is imperative in a time when women are still racing for gender equality. And today, Omani Women’s Day serves as a good reminder to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women especially in the business world. According to Forbes’ list: “The Middle East’s 100 Power Businesswomen”, these are the top 5 most powerful Omani businesswomen in 2020:  Hind Bahwan Among the top 30 powerful businesswomen in this region is Hind Bahwan. Bahwan is not only the founder and chairman of Bahwan CyberTek (BCT), a leading provider for digital transformation solutions, but is also a successful business woman with a long trail of other achievements. Ms. Bahwan is a Harvard Business School alumna and has received several honors, such as the “Global Leaders for Tomorrow” award offered by the World more...