Kusama Is A Cryptocurrency Success While Algorand Endures A Bumpy Ride – Investing.com

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The leaders sit closer to the recent lows than the highs
The number of new tokens continues to rise
Kusama (KSM) is 29th leading crypto
Algorand (ALGO) is number 34
Only risk what you can lose

The cryptocurrency asset class rose to a new high in April and May as the two leaders, and , rallied to over $65,000 and $4,400 per token, respectively. Other cryptos, even those that began as a joke like , experienced incredible and parabolic rallies that created massive profits for those with the foresight to tuck the tokens away in their computer wallets.

Nothing supports a burgeoning market like an aggressive bull market. The ascent of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos has caused thousands of new tokens to burst on the scene.

While many may have unique utility, the underlying force driving the token prices and growing interest is the opportunity for investors and traders to profit beyond their wildest...read more...