Why More Of The Same Is Good For Stock Bulls; What To Do About Bitcoin – Investing.com

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Tuesday was another do-nothing session for the as it finished up 0.02%, which for most of us counts as exactly where it started.

But as has been the case for a while, a market that refuses to go down will eventually go up. 4,200 resistance has transitioned to 4,200 support and the slow grind higher continues. No doubt 4,200 will soon turn into to 4,300 and even 4,400 over the next few weeks.

Bears had their chance to break this market and they failed miserably.

What they couldn’t finish will soon reward those that have been giving this bull the benefit of the doubt.

There is nothing to do here but keep holding for higher prices with stops near last week’s lows.

was getting hammered and back near $30k support. Bounce off of this level and that is a buyable entry. But I’m not so sure bulls will get that lucky this time. Retesting the lows so soon after bouncing off of...read more...