Biometric Payment Cards Arriving in Africa and Asia Thanks to ICPS and Zwipe Partnership

SourceThe Fintech Times
SectorFinancial Services
CountryMiddle east

The pandemic has boosted the use of contactless technology and ultimately the need for consumers and businesses to make higher-value payments using contactless cards. However, the contactless limit increase for payments also posed a higher risk for users without an additional layer of security. ICPS and Zwipe have partnered to bring biometric payment cards enabled with fingerprint sensors.

With a fingerprint sensor embedded in the card, consumers will now benefit from the much-needed extra layer of security with no need to enter a PIN code on the POS terminal. Zwipe will provide the complete Zwipe Pay ONE package comprising Biometric ISO contact plate module, Passive inlay, Fingerprint sensor, OS license, and enrolment sleeves. As part of this collaboration, both companies will work closely to promote the disruptive Zwipe Pay ONE-enabled biometric payment cards for ICPS’ issuers in Africa and Asia. “As a provider of innovative payment services in the African continent, we pride ourselves in delivering future-proof innovations. Together more...