A COVID-19 outbreak closed a hotel where some members of the G7 delegation and media are staying in Cornwall

SourceBusiness Insider
CountryMiddle east

A seaside hotel one mile away from where world leaders are meeting for a in England this weekend has temporarily shut down due to a COVID-19 outbreak among staff members, on Thursday. The Pedn Olva hotel in St. Ives is hosting members of the security detail for Germany’s delegation, British media reported.

Security staff told that they had “been told nothing” about the outbreak and might have to sleep in a tent on the beach. Most hotels in Cornwall are fully booked ahead of the summit, which begins on Friday. Several media crews, including CBS, were also staying at the hotel, Sky News reported. The hotel owners confirmed in a statement to Sky News that “a number” of team members tested positive for the coronavirus and that the hotel is fully closed. The owners added they “immediately notified Public Health England” and worked closely with officials. “We fully appreciate the inconvenience given the limited accommodation options available in the area...read more...