German security staff ‘may camp on beach’ after COVID outbreak shuts G7 hotel

SourceThe Economist
CountryMiddle east

A hotel housing security staff and media for the G7 summit in Cornwall is to shut completely following an outbreak of COVID-19.

The Pedn Olva hotel in St Ives – the host town for the summit of world leaders and just one mile from Carbis Bay – said it would “fully close” after discussing the outbreak with Public Health England.

It’s understood 13 staff are infected out of around 17 workers.

There were just 45 cases of COVID-19 in Cornwall in the week between 30 May and 5 June.

The hotel is in St Ives – a mile away from the location of the summit

One staff member, who was leaving the hotel to self-isolate carrying two packs of COVID tests, told Sky News the hotel was “closing and boarding up”. more...