World Health Organization Team Arrives in Wuhan to Investigate COVID Origins Under Cloud of Secrecy

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The World Health Organization's (WHO) team of international scientists arrived in Wuhan on Thursday to investigate the origins of COVID-19.The team members include virus and other expert researchers from the United States, Australia, Germany, Japan, Britain, Russia, the Netherlands, Qatar, and Vietnam.Two members of the team tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies while in transit and were kept behind in Singapore. The 13 other members of the team will quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival in Wuhan.The experts, however, will begin their work immediately. During their two week quarantine period, the team will be video conferencing with Chinese health experts.The WHO team aims to analyze early coronavirus samples and public heath records dating back to last January, when Wuhan and its 11 million residents observed a strict 76-day lockdown from January 23 to April 8.Wuhan, one of China's transportation hubs, is the first place the virus appeared in the world as people began contracting COVID-19 from the area's food markets that dealt with live animals.Although it's possible the virus came from elsewhere, the WHO team will begin their investigation in Wuhan.The investigation has otherwise been shrouded in secrecy as neither China nor the WHO have revealed the mission's more...