Fact Check: Does Heidi Cruz’s Employer, Goldman Sachs, Control Texas Energy Utilities?

SectorOil & Gas
CountryMiddle east

President Joe Biden approved a major disaster declaration for Texas on Saturday and ordered federal assistance to the state as thousands of people are still without power and nearly half of Texans are dealing with undrinkable water, broken pipes and offline treatment plants, according to CNN.Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and family faced criticism over their trip to Cancun amid the power failure in the state. Now some people have turned their attention toward Cruz's wife, Heidi.The ClaimHeidi Cruz, who has an MBA from Harvard Business School, is a managing director at Goldman Sachs.Some people on Twitter made the connection between Goldman Sachs and a merger agreement involving TXU Corp., the former parent company of Texas electricity provider TXU Energy.Users claimed that Goldman Sachs has "controlling interest" in several Texas energy utility companies.The FactsThe Alternative Investments unit of Goldman Sachs was involved in the original TXU investment. Currently, the unit has no controlling stake in this or any other Texas utility...read more...