Saudi Foreign Minister Meets French, Polish Counterparts in New York

Saudi Foreign Minister Meets French, Polish Counterparts in New York

King Abdulaziz Forced British Policy Shift with Assertive Rule

King Abdulaziz, with his sons King Saud and King Faisal by his side (SPA)

In 1902, King Abdulaziz’s successful capture of Riyadh stood as a pivotal moment in the formation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This landmark event marked the inception of a new chapter in which King Abdulaziz dedicated himself to safeguarding the borders of his state from formidable powers that encircled it from all directions.

The founding king dealt with these powers with strength and wisdom, capitalizing on events and circumstances to benefit his homeland.

In an interview, Asharq Al-Awsat asked Princess Dr. Jawaher bint Abdul Mohsen bin Abdullah bin Jiluwi Al Saud about the circumstances that surrounded the emergence of Saudi Arabia and how King Abdulaziz dealt with them.

“The achievements of King Abdulaziz, spanning two decades, began with his recapture of Riyadh in 1902,” asserted Princess Jawaher.

“This event effectively encircled him, with the Arabian territories to the north and west under Ottoman control, local powers governing central Arabia, and British presence to the east and south,” she added.

“Arab tribes, which played a pivotal role in the region’s security, were either allies under strong governance used against adversaries, or potential threats if mismanaged.”