Inside Dubai’s Guinness World Record-breaking hotel

dubai hotel guinness world record
  • Date: 13-May-2021
  • Source: Arab News
  • Sector: Tourism
  • Country: UAE
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Inside Dubai’s Guinness World Record-breaking hotel

DUBAI: Address Hotels and Resorts will be coming to Saudi Arabia soon … but in the meantime, the company has been creating records in the UAE. There was a lively vibe from the moment we entered the lobby of the Address Beach Resort in Dubai. The lounge was operating at full capacity (as per COVID-19 health and safety guidelines), serving teas, coffees, and light bites to tourists, groups of friends, and businesspeople. At reception, we were welcomed by a friendly member of staff to assist with check-in. This was our first visit to the hotel, which opened in December, and we had high hopes – not only because of its excellent location and stunning views, but also for its Guinness World Record-holding features. But more on that later. The Address Beach Resort is the latest in the portfolio of Address Hotels and Resorts, part of the UAE’s Emaar Hospitality Group. The brand currently runs nine hotels in the country, plus one in Egypt. Its first in Saudi Arabia, the Jabal Omar Address Makkah, is set to open this year. For people who experience ear-popping while riding an elevator, be warned, the Dubai hotel’s twin towers stand tall, 77 floors to

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