Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Woman Gives Birth Mid-Flight


One new mother recently gave birth in a highly unconventional setting—surrounded by a flight crew and a cabin full of strangers. After going into labor mid-flight, passenger Kultumah Mohammed reportedly delivered her baby with the help of a generous medical student.According to Egypt Today, the EgyptAir flight was traveling from N'Djamena, the capital city of Chad, to Cairo when the pregnant Mohammed started experiencing pain.The pilot was notified when the 27-year-old went into labor and the flight was quickly diverted. The hope was that the aircraft would land soon enough for Mohammed to receive proper medical attention during her delivery.It was too late, however; Mohammed reportedly gave birth while the plane was flying over Sudan. In a lucky coincidence, a medical student aboard the plane—Laila Mohamed Abou Bakr, a student at the Faculty of Medicine at Kasr el-Ainy University in Cairo—was able to assist with the delivery, along with members of the cabin crew.The plane landed safely more...